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The Praga, an Italian coat with a classic cut made in a Family workshop in Puglia using traditional hand work techniques.

  • Shell Fabric 60% Recycled Wool with 30% Polyester & 10% cashmere
  • Made with post consumer recycled
  • Color Navy Blue
  • Lining Fabric 100% Viscose
  • Single breasted
  • Half canvas
  • Natural shoulders light padded
  • “Barchetta” pocket
  • Broad welt side pocket
  • Fully lined
  • Made In Italy




This Coat is Crafted in Puglia, South Italy, by skillful Artisans, with Sartorial Expertise passed on by Generations to ensure the highest Quality Standard and Durability.

The artisan in Italy produces fabrics with a low impact on the environment since decades. Our products is being manufactured exclusively in the Italian textile district of Prato with at least 65% of recycled material (old clothes or textile scraps). Our fabrics help to reduce: CO2 emissions from transports, toxic emissions from incinerators, intensive exploitation of the sheep and of the land used for grazing.

Eco-dyes of the artisan has always stood out for its commitment to safeguarding the environment and the safety of its products. In particular, it has always paid particular attention to the use of dyes to ensure that its fabrics are free of dangerous substances such as formaldehyde, pesticides and toxic heavy metals. This is why it has always worked closely with its suppliers to select the best dyes that meet international regulations on harmful substances.


Dark Navy

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