I am candidate 2nd Chamber Member because I want to represent the voice of young people in politics. In recent years it has become very clear that the voice of young people is (almost) not heard in Dutch politics. Young people were dissatisfied with the policy that affected them. These young people even took to the streets for this (climate, loan system, BLM, etc.). These young people actually all demanded the same thing; more participation in the policy process. I want to be this voice of the young. I want to represent my generation in politics.

Based on my experiences and feedback that I have received with YouthforClimateNL, I notice that I can and want to be an excellent representative.

As a student I know exactly what kind of problems my generation has. So it’s not just about my own experiences, but also those of my contemporaries. I am very much looking forward to discussing this with as many young people as possible throughout the Netherlands.


I want to learn from these discussions and take the key points into account in my work as a Member of Parliament. My goal has always been to engage and connect rather than divide. I will always call for cooperation. I wrote a letter about how the young people should connect with the elderly and look for solutions together.

In the Speech from the Throne, this letter was called the ‘core of Prinsjesdag’. As stated in the Speech from the Throne: perspective for the future always starts in the here-and-now. That is the mirror that the adults of tomorrow hold up to the adults of today. What often inspires and motivates me are the Dutch young people themselves. We are at the turning point of a new progressive political generation that I am happy to support.


When asked what do you think of what B-Spoken does: You have realized that the circular economy is a must. It is very good entrepreneurship by taking the risk of investing in this where it has hardly been done yet.