TrackDesign – Made in Italy DUO | Corten bench


Duo bench combines the use of a bench with the one of a rack. Ideal for an urban stop or to be placed in garden. The decoration is designed to let the light go through from above, from the ground, to allow the green to grow.

Corten Steel is 100% recyclable, making it an attractive and environmentally friendly option. Corten steel is also very strong and durable, an ideal material that has little to no maintenance as it prevents most weathering effects (even rain, sleet, and snow) as well as atmospheric corrosion. Rusting through is almost impossible.

The formed rust layer on the outside protects the material inside, making Corten steel a very durable and exclusive material.


Corten Bench – Made in Italy

-Label: Sudmisura
-Designer: Alessandra Savio
-Size: L 176 cm D 50 cm H 46 cm

-Delivery is 8-10 Weeks ex Italy Factory Transport costs: €150 from Italy Factory direct to you