CEO / Founder


After obtaining my Degree in Business and Economics in the Netherlands, I was fortunate to explore my passion for fashion at a large European fashion retail chain, with hundreds of locations across Europe where I became Head of Buying and a Member of the Board of Directors. During this period, I frequently travelled around the Globe and especially enjoyed the encounters with inspiring people of diverse cultural backgrounds. 

In 1997, I created my own Fashion Design and Production Company based in Hong Kong, then soon after expanding to Shanghai with production facilities all-over Asia, Creating and Producing Millions of Pieces in Tailored garments annually, collaborating with the leading Global Fast Fashion brands, under ODM/OEM.

In addition, we created our High-end Hand Painted Cocktail Dress label D-VA Concepts, with distribution in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Japan, and Amsterdam, which garnered coverage on Fashion TV, been featured in international newspapers, and widely published in collaboration with celebrities throughout Asia and Europe.

After working in the Global Fast Fashion Industry for decades, I realized that the huge textile waste it created, could be reversed by adjusting the supply-chain process, using Circular Designs, Producing smaller quantities in Regenerated materials with local skillful Artisans, Distributing online, Direct from Artisan to Consumer, with the support of Innovative Visualization Apps. Our B-Spoken Circular Eco System.

As part of our Eco System, we developed our B-Spoken Digital Platform in 2020, that offers Sustainable Lifestyle Products,  produced by Local Artisans, shipped direct to end Consumers, saving CO2 footprint and costs. If offers special benefits with Group buying, conveniently supported by our Livestream Service. With our 3D Virtual Fitting Apps,  you can fit your selected Apparel, Footwear products on yourself and our Home Decor items in your own environment, before you purchase it with us online. 

Our AIM is to scale our Circular Eco System Globally with the support of our Tech Partners using Innovative Tech Solutions