Neycko – Made in Bulgaria

Super stretch travel blazer
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All Neycko items consist of high-quality and durable Italian techno jersey. The fabric is very light and does not contain cotton, only polyamide and elastane. This ensures optimal wearing comfort and the ultimate fit. Neycko designs everything himself in the Netherlands and produces the handmade products in Europe.

  • slim fit
  • Mospisano drop 7
  • 26% stretch for comfort
  • Wrinkle free
  • Unique shape retention
  • Durable Italian techno jersey fabric


Sensitive® Fabrics brand identifies the inimitable quality of products that embody Italian creativity, both for technical know-how and for its appearance and authenticity. Our hangtag identifies the garments made in Sensitive® Fabrics for protection against imitation and counterfeiting. It has the validity of an authenticity certificate, in that it attests both the specific characteristics of the fabric and the ethical significance of an eco-compatible product from Eurojersey Italy.

Sustainable Production Cycle

Wrinkle free

Easy Card

Extra Comfort

Longer Lasting



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